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    Auxiliary Police agency proposed

    Mexicali Police Chief Pedro Ariel Mendívil proposed the formation of an auxiliary Police agency

    Mexicali Police Chief Pedro Ariel Mendívil proposed to create a new Auxiliary Police Agency that helps alleviate workload from the Municipal Police while addressing workforce shortage.

    Chief Mendívil detailed that the Auxiliary Police Agency would perform administrative tasks that do not require law enforcement training.

    The proposal has already been introduced and is under study by the Department of Government, the chief said.

    Also, the authorities plan to meet with council members in order to address the issue.

    Auxiliary Police staff will not be armed and will have lower wages than those from law enforcement agents.

    Police officers will be given the opportunity to transfer to the new agency, he said.

    Chief Mendívil said Auxiliary Police staff will be allowed to detain suspects only who are found committing crimes.

    The authorities seek to increase the police workforce.

    The Mexicali Police Department is short about 1,000 agents.

    If approved by the council, the city would then open a hiring process to begin the agency soon.

    Illegal vehicle seizure presumed

    The Mexican government is expected to request the seizure of illegal vehicles starting next year, a state official said.

    State Secretary of the Treasury Marco Moreno told La Crónica newspaper the Mexican Tax System could eventually request local authorities support illegal vehicle enforcement.

    However, Sec. Moreno said no proposal has been officially made.

    The state official assured vehicles without proper registration will not be allowed to circulate on streets.

    So far, Baja California has registered close to 200,000 illegal vehicles under a presidential decree that started months ago. The decree comes to an end next month.

    Vehicle registration has produced about 178 million pesos or around $9.3 million USD for state coffers. Those funds have already been disbursed to cities for street rehabilitation.

    Authorities expect 119 million pesos more.

    Sec. Moreno said it is unclear if those registered vehicles will be allowed to cross the US border as they were not properly exported.

    The Mexican government has called the US for an opinion about the matter that has not been responded to, Moreno said.

    Immigrants fill shelters

    The manager of an immigrant shelter recently said shelters had reached their cap.

    Activist Altagracia Tamayo told La Crónica newspaper immigrants will keep coming to the city.

    Last week, the Hogar de Angeles, of Home of Angels in English, was opened and already reached its cap with families from Venezuela and from the Mexican states of Michoacán and Guerrero.

    Tamayo called immigrants to seek asylum through the Mexican government, especially Venezuelans who keep coming in order to cross to the US.

    Venezuelans “must go to Mexico City and get their papers there,” Tamayo told the newspaper.

    However, many immigrants arrived in the country without knowledge on how to regularize their stay.

    So far, about 2,500 immigrants live in shelters, Tamayo said.

    Shelters are in need of formula for children, eggs, blankets and other items.

    The activist said shelter managers will request Mexican government delegate Alejandro Ruiz for help after the federal official assured no request has been formally made.

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