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    Nine reported missing from bar zone

    In the last couple of years, nine men have been reported missing from Mexicali’s bar zone, the police chief said

    A city official told reporters Tuesday that nine individuals have been kidnapped from the bar zone in the last couple of years.

    Mexicali Police Chief Pedro Ariel Mendívil said in a press conference those reported missing disappeared from bars located by Benito Juarez Boulevard.

    Since Saturday, relatives have been looking for David Alfonso Melecio Rodriguez and Manuel Bramasco, who went missing after exiting a bar.

    Also on Saturday, relatives reported missing Mauricio Andres Verdugo Fregozo, 22, after leaving a bar in Montejano Boulevard.

    Chief Mendívil said four individuals have been reported missing this year and five more disappeared in 2022.

    Social media users have said the toll of missing men could be at least a dozen.

    Chief Mendívil said he’s not cognizant of drug traffickers operating in the area. The chief said the area is visited by people of all kinds.

    In the press conference, City Secretary of Government Daniel Valenzuela said the agency is just in charge of issuing and enforcing alcohol sale permits.

    Sec. Valenzuela said the city plans to introduce an ordinance proposal to train and issue permits to bar security guards, as well as hold drug tests.

    Improved security

    Mexicali Mayor Norma Bustamante said the city plans to reinforce security at the bar zone after reports of the disappearance of several men, La Crónica newspaper said.

    According to the mayor, the proposal will be discussed in the next law enforcement board meeting.

    So far, the city has recorded nine men missing from the bar zone in the last couple of years.

    The mayor said the issue has led city authorities to address the matter.

    First, the city is addressing the issue through the alcohol department. Also, the city plans to invite the Alcohol Consulting Council to join.

    The mayor admitted no conversations had been held with stakeholders.

    In the meantime, state Secretary of Public Safety Leopoldo Aguilar said the state is studying reinforcing bar schedules.

    Sec. Aguilar said up to 15 percent of crimes are committed between 2 a.m. and 8 a.m.

    On Saturday, three men were reported missing after leaving the Shots bar. Relatives are unaware of the missing men’s whereabouts.

    Those missing are friends David Melecio Rodríguez and Manuel Bramasco, as well as Mauricio Andrés Verdugo Fragozo, who was accompanied by several women.

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