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    Commercial port of entry delays reported

    Delays and long wait times have been reported in the last couple of weeks at the Commercial port of entry east of Mexicali

    For the last couple of weeks, transportation businesses have seen an increase in the time spent at the commercial port of entry.

    National Chamber of Transportation President in Mexicali Luciano Jiménez said the issue apparently was caused by CBP system problems, Televisa Mexicali said.

    Some drivers have waited up to six hours in order to cross the border.

    Jiménez said drivers must wait until the next day if the crossing is closed for the day.

    Jiménez said CBP has reportedly said the issue was caused by remodeling all along the border — from Laredo to Tijuana.

    The chamber president said the issue has especially impacted small and medium-sized companies that cross merchandise between Mexicali and Calexico.

    Before the problem, these companies used to make up to three trips a day. Now, these companies can barely make a single trip.

    However, according to Jiménez big companies must pay a higher price if merchandise is delayed beyond the deadlines.

    “At the end of the day delays cause a chain effect —impacting companies, drivers, and working conditions,” Jiménez said.

    At the same time, supply chains have also been affected, he said.

    Long delays are also impacting other drivers and residents who live in surrounding areas as truck drivers must wait for hours just outside the commercial port of entry by Abelardo Rodríguez Boulevard and block traffic.

    Jiménez added that the environment is also impacted as truck engines must remain on while waiting for crossing.

    The chamber president demanded CBP decrease delay times, especially as Mexicali is expected to become benefited from near-shoring policies.

    Stakeholders plan to take part next week in a meeting with CBP staff in order to address the issue.

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