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    Former box champion appointed interim athletic director

    Former box champion and former Congressman Erik Morales was appointed interim athletic director of Baja California

    Baja California Governor Marina Avila announced Monday the appointment of a new interim athletic director.

    The governor’s office said former boxer and congressman Erik Morales was appointed on an interim basis as Director of the State Sports Institute.

    Morales succeeds Lourdes Cañez.

    The appointment was approved by the Sports Institute Board, mostly composed of cabinet officials.

    interim athletic director

    Morales was a member of the Mexican legislature and is a former Tijuana Sports Institute Director.

    At 16, Morales debuted in boxing and five years later became a world champion. Morales fought in over 25 world championship bouts.

    According to state law, the Athletic Director must hold a bachelor’s degree.

    After searching in the Mexican Department of Education database no registration was found for Erik Isaac Morales Elvira — the director’s full name.

    Gov. Avila called Morales to put in his best effort while holding the job.

    The governor’s office did not provide a reason for Cañez’s departure. The now-former director also held the same job with the City of Mexicali during Avila’s mayoral term.

    Party leaders file complaint against governor

    interim athletic director

    State chairmen of opposition parties filed Tuesday a complaint against Governor Marina Avila.

    The complaint was filed with the National Electoral Institute under allegations of anticipated campaigning.

    The complaint is based on the weekend’s event held in Mexicali by Mexico City Governor and potential presidential candidate Claudia Sheinbaum.

    On Sunday, Gov. Sheinbaum, Baja California Governor Marina Avila, and Mexicali Mayor Norma Bustamante led a couple of events — one held at the State’s Auditorium.

    The first event was to announce an agreement between Mexico City and Baja California to launch the local digital agency.

    Next, Gov. Sheinbaum held a conference called “Governmental Policies for Citizen’s Benefit.”

    Hundreds of Baja California residents were transported to attend the latter event.

    The complaint was filed by Institutional Revolutionary Party Chairwoman Guadalupe Gutiérrez, National Action Party Chairman Mario Osuna, and Revolutionary Democratic Party Chairman Omar Esparza.

    Mexican law sets no candidate can hold public events before the election season officially begins.

    Osuna called the events absurd due to the alleged use of public funds.

    “Obviously, (Gov. Sheinbaum) came to promote herself,” Osuna said.

    interim athletic director

    Chairwoman Gutiérrez also considered the state spent public funds in order to hold the event.

    “We cannot allow the governor to keep violating the law,” Gutiérrez said. “And we cannot allow the Mayor to keep violating the law.”

    Esparza said their rivals with the National Regeneration Movement Party, or Morena in Spanish, have violated elections laws.

    Over the weekend, leaders of the Morena Party denied the claims.

    Days ago, a group of Morena lawmakers held a political endorsement meeting in Mexico City with Mexico’s Secretary of Government Adán Augusto López, who is also believed as a potential successor of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

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