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    Teenager shot to death by minor

    A teenager was shot to death a week ago by a minor in the Ejido Quico Santana rural town, the police said

    A teenager was shot to death Friday by another teenager, according to media reports.

    The incident was reported at 7:38 p.m. at the Ejido Quico Santana rural town.

    The victim was identified as Antonio, 18.

    According to the report, a woman arrived at a police substation located in the Ejido Toluca.

    The woman transported the victim in a burgundy Honda Civic.

    The woman asked the police for help for his nephew.

    Red Cross paramedics arrived at the scene and declared the teenager dead.

    The woman told the police her nephew arrived at her residence with an abdominal injury allegedly caused by a minor nicknamed Mono, 16.

    The police were able to find and arrest the suspect, who was eventually transported to the Police Headquarters and eventually to the State Attorney General’s office.

    Teenager caught with a firearm

    A Mexicali teenager was arrested in a rural area for alleged possession of a firearm.

    The state Department of Public Safety said police officers arrested Mario Pastor “N,” 17, of Mexicali.

    Police agents arrested the suspect on a rural road that leads to the Ejido Sonora 2 Campos Nuevos rural area.

    The minor was found by state police officers on the road. The teenager allegedly threw an artifact to the ground and then attempted to flee.

    However, the police arrested the suspect.

    Police agents recovered the artifact and found out it was a 9 mm pistol loaded with a magazine and two ammunition bullets.

    Man indicted for attempted homicide

    A man who allegedly attempted to kill another individual last month was indicted by a state judge.

    The state Attorney General’s office said the judge indicted José “N,” no age reported, for the attempted homicide of a victim whose identity was not revealed.

    According to the authorities, the incident took place on Feb. 19 in the Colonia Los Arcos area.

    The agency said the suspect allegedly shot the victim in the head.

    The victim was transported by witnesses to a hospital with an injury in the head and the right eye.

    State police officers arrested the suspect on March 7, the agency said. The indictment hearing was held a week later.

    The judge decided to keep the suspect in prison during trial and gave prosecutors four months to close the investigation.

    Two indicted for carjacking

    Two men were indicted by a state judge for a carjacking case reported back in December, the state Attorney General’s office said.

    The suspects were identified as Fernando “N” and Guadalupe Ramón “N,” with no ages reported.

    According to the agency, the suspects allegedly took a white 2019 Nissan March with Baja California plates from a taxi cab company in the Colonia Santa Lucía area.

    No other details about how the carjacking case occurred were provided.

    The suspects were arrested on Feb. 28.

    In the indictment hearing case, the judge indicted the suspects and gave prosecutors a month to thoroughly investigate the case.

    Five nabbed for false imprisonment

    Five individuals were arrested over the last weekend for allegedly committing false imprisonment of a 26-year-old victim.

    The incident took place in the Hacienda de Castilla area.

    A reporting party told the police about the incident by dialing 9-1-1.

    The suspects allegedly threatened the victim with knives and a machete.

    The victim was forced to get on board a gray Ford Fiesta with taxi logos.

    Police agents found and arrested the five individuals allegedly involved in the case.

    The suspects were identified as Antonio, 43, Edgar, 33, David, 37, Aleida, 42, and Jose Alfredo, 36.

    Police officers found inside the vehicle four knives and a machete.

    The suspects, the weapons, and the vehicle were turned to the state Attorney General’s office.

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