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    Utility commission opens new downtown water museum

    The State Public Utility Commission of Mexicali recently opened a new downtown water museum in its offices

    The State Public Utilities Commission of Mexicali recently opened a new office downtown that also includes a water museum.

    According to the authorities, the new office is a few steps from Mexicali’s Catholic Cathedral Church.

    Commission Manager Armando Carrazco said the museum’s goal is to promote the so-called Culture of Water.

    water museum

    The museum is part of an educational effort held by the commission with family oriented interactive activities that seeks to contribute to spreading knowledge of water issues in the city.

    Carrazco said the project includes exhibits about the Colorado River flow, as well as the history of local water infrastructure.

    water museum

    Besides the cash register to pay water bills and customer services, visitors will be able to see interactive designs and infographics for the joy of children and teenagers.

    Mexicali artist develops mural at border crossing

    Mexicali artist Jesus Fino seeks to strengthen the sisterhood between Mexicali and Calexico through a new mural in the border area.

    La Voz newspaper said with this mural the artist looks to create a new narrative through art by making people identify themselves as border residents.

    The mural depicts a tired worker and a housewife intertwined in daily activities.

    Fino is looking for support from binational authorities to move forward with the mural that seeks to connect Mexicali and Calexico.

    The idea is to blend cartoons and immigration issues in the mural that represent sisterhood between both communities, the artist told the newspaper.

    Today, the artist is working on another mural that combines Pugs, coffee and award-winning series Breaking Bad characters.

    Fino said the mural would be visible from both cities, the artist said.

    Fino has been working as well in other murals that mix Mexicali life with other cartoon characters like SpongeBob Squarepants, Naruto, Dragon Ball, and others, the newspaper said.

    The artists first started working with graffiti and eventually attended the School of Arts.

    Lower Colorado River delta under rehabilitation

    A nonprofit organization has been working for the last eight years in the rehabilitation of the lower Colorado River delta.

    The organization said climate change has impacted the delta of a river that serves the entire region, while drought has led to a decrease of available water.

    This makes it necessary to recover the ecosystem in order to protect water bodies.

    Nonprofit Restauremos El Colorado, or Let’s Restore the Colorado, said the area in charge of the organization has seen a significant improvement through community involvement.

    The most improved area is the 155.6 acre area known as Chausse by the Francisco Murguia rural town in the southeast corner of Mexicali Valley.

    Hundreds of native trees and animals like coyotes and beavers have called the area home for the last years thanks to the effort.

    The nonprofit is part of an alliance named in Spanish Revive the River that works in the improvement of water management, ecosystem protection and quality of life betterment for local residents.

    The alliance has divided the area in order to improve conditions in the lower Colorado River delta and some rural towns along the river.

    Nonprofit restoration manager Genesis Alarcon said after years of monitoring, water management and plant production the organization now prepares for receiving visitors during the next months that will be able to take part in seminars and walk by the restored area.

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