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    Criminal band leader apprehended, arraigned

    State police officers arrested an alleged criminal band leader identified as Christian Alexis, of Culiacán, Sinaloa, after a shooting with cops

    A man who authorities think is a criminal band leader was arrested Saturday morning after a shooting with police agents.

    The incident occurred at 7:46 a.m. by Argentina Avenue in the Colonia Alamitos area where a suspect was killed by the police.

    The state Department of Public Safety said police officers observed a white Jeep Rubicon with California plates driven at excess of speed.

    Police agents unsuccessfully attempted to stop the driver. A chase then ensued.

    Once the suspects stopped one of the individuals allegedly brandished a firearm and shot at the agents.

    The police responded by shooting at the suspects. One of the alleged criminals died at the scene.

    Authorities identified the other individual as Christian Alexis, of Culiacán, Sinaloa, who attempted to flee on foot, but was eventually arrested.

    The suspect also uses the name of Eduardo Rene, aka Plaga, who is thought to lead the criminal gang of Los Rusos.

    According to the authorities the suspect was in alleged possession of four loaded firearm magazines.

    Detectives with the state Attorney General’s office and military personnel arrived at the scene.


    The alleged criminal gang Los Rusos leader who was arrested over the weekend was arraigned by a Mexican judge.

    However, the suspect was arraigned only for possession of cartridges and firearm magazines, which are considered a misdemeanor.

    La Crónica newspaper reported that Eduardo Rene, who is also known as Christian Alexis, of Culiacán, Sinaloa, Mexico, was arrested Saturday in the Colonia Alamitos area, west of the East Port of Entry.

    The suspect was arrested after attempting to flee from the area where an alleged criminal identified as Benito, aka El Tío, was killed by the police.

    The suspect, who is also known as El Plaga, was transported from the Mexican Attorney General’s office facility in the Nuevo Mexicali area to the Civic Center Court Building.

    During the arraignment hearing the judge decided to keep the suspect in prison for six days until an indictment hearing is held, the newspaper said.

    Eduardo Rene was eventually booked in Mexicali Prison.

    The newspaper said Benito was allegedly the suspect’s body guard.

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