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    Chamber of Commerce opposes tobacco control regulations

    The Mexicali Chamber of Commerce issued a release to express its opposition to the tobacco control regulations enacted nationwide in Mexico

    The Mexicali Chamber of Commerce announced its opposition to the new tobacco control regulations that came into effect Monday.

    In a prepared statement, the chamber said although the organization supports public policy that protects consumers’ health the new regulations represent an invasion of legislative abilities, a violation of trade freedom and commerce competition.

    According to the chamber, the regulations are beyond the Mexican administration’s abilities as such must be first approved by Congress.

    Mexican Law allows the exhibition of tobacco products in businesses, the chamber said.

    According to the chamber, eliminating the display of cigarettes benefits most-famous brands and causes inequality and lack of competition.

    Residents, business organizations, and other organizations provided over 900 comments that were unheard of by the authorities, the chamber said.

    In Mexico, tobacco is legal and regulated by Tobacco Control General Law, the chamber said.

    Also, the chamber said the new regulation will impact small businesses already affected by the pandemic and high inflation rates by increasing operations costs and reduction of sales.

    The chamber added that the new regulations contain multiple violations of trade agreements.

    Others oppose as well

    The Mexican Chamber of Restaurants, the National Alliance of Small Merchants and the National Association of Convenience Stores, and Departmental Stores also opposed the regulations.

    Regulations forbid businesses to display cigarettes or tobacco products, while smoking is prohibited in bars, hotels, sports arenas, concert venues, parks, and any other public space with collective concurrencies like colleges, schools, universities, and public transit buses, whether indoors or outdoors.

    Mexico is home to about 16 million smokers and, on average, 173 people die every day of tobacco-related illnesses.

    With these regulations, the Mexican government expects to prevent 49,000 deaths and 292,000 people ill from tobacco-related sicknesses in the next decade.

    Also, the government hopes to save 155 billion pesos or $8.15 billion USD in public healthcare services.

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