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Decapitated body found in cemetery

The decapitated body of a man who was kidnapped over the weekend was found Tuesday in a western Mexicali cemetery

The decapitated body of a young man who was kidnapped in Nov. 12 in the La Rumorosa area was found early Tuesday close to a western Mexicali cemetery.

According to media reports, the body of Fernando Rodríguez was found inside a bag close to the El Centinela cemetery.

The Attorney General’s office confirmed the finding.

Attorney General Iván Carpio said in a press release victim relatives have been contacted and an investigation has been opened.

The agency said two persons of interest have been detained.

A criminal band dedicated to drug smuggling, human trafficking and fuel theft is thought of being behind the crime, Carpio said.

Authorities said criminal band members presumably confused the victims with a rival band.

The victim and four other individuals were assaulted and shot by unknown individuals in the La Rumorosa area. The victims traveled to the Tecate town in order to take pictures of UFOs.

While taking pictures, suspects approached the victims and asked them what they were doing there. Suddenly, the suspects shot at the victims and chased them.

Jorge Morán, an assistant of Assemblywoman Alejandrina Corral was shot five times after the suspects caught up with the victims.

Rodríguez’s corpse was transported to the state Coroner’s office.

Six injured in glass plant structure collapse

Six employees of the Fevisa glass plant got injured Tuesday at noon after a structure collapsed at the site, according to media reports.

The incident was reported in the plant located by the San Felipe Highway in southern Mexicali.

According to the reports dozens of paramedics, firefighters and first respondents arrived at the scene. However, plant employees stopped emergency personnel from entering the site.

Security guards allowed entrance to a couple Red Cross ambulances and officials of Civil Protection and the Fire Department.

The reports say plant staff activated its incident protocol and permitted first respondents to transport injured employees.

According to the reports, Mexicali Mayor Norma Bustamante also arrived at the scene.

La Voz newspaper reported that four employees had fractures.

State seizes thousands of electronic cigarettes

The state of Baja California has seized during the year close to 4,000 electronic cigarettes, State Commission to Protect against Sanitary Risks Director Erwin Areizaga said.

The agency said in a prepared statement those cigarettes were confiscated after 55 businesses were inspected.

Areizaga said e-cigarettes or vapes have toxic substances like nickel and lead that affect consumer’s health similarly to tobacco.

The Mexican government decided to ban electronic cigarettes due to its high risks for public health.

At the same time, electronic cigarettes are as addictive as tobacco and do not represent a means to quit smoking.

The agency called businesses to stop selling vapes and electronic cigarettes to the public. In case of violation, company owners can be fined with up to $10,000 USD in Mexican currency.

The agency said it plans to join a campaign against the distribution and sale of electronic cigarettes.

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