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    Mexicali fair manager resigns

    Mexicali fair manager Omar Landa resigned earlier this week after a series of controversial incidents, including a shooting at fair premises

    After a series of controversial incidents, Mexicali Fair Manager Omar Landa stepped down.

    The resignation comes right after council members filed a complaint to investigate Director Landa.

    The resignation letter was submitted Monday with the City Chief of Staff.

    Landa, better known for his character of La Maruja, thanked in social media Mayor Norma Bustamante for her trust.

    Landa joined the city administration in Oct. 2021.

    The first incident took place during a concert in which a security guard allegedly made a shot in the Palenque venue.

    Next, Landa assigned a contract to a close friend to manage acts at the city’s fair. The contract was eventually canceled.

    Recently, the authorities found out a contract with a ticket-selling company that paid the fair only 10 percent of the ticket value.

    The National Action Party said on Twitter the Landa case must not go ignored after the director’s resignation. Party council members filed last week a petition to audit the Center of Fairs and Expositions which holds the yearly fair.

    New River rehabilitation to continue for weeks

    At least for the whole month of February vault repairs at the New River Boulevard will continue, a state official said.

    Secretary of Infrastructure Arturo Espinoza told La Voz newspaper the rehabilitation is expected to continue for the next weeks in order to avoid it from collapsing.

    Although the state official expects the repairs to cost about $350,000 USD, the price tag could increase as the agency has found additional damages.

    The state official told the newspaper the most complicated issues were found at the intersection of Castellón Boulevard and Héctor Terán Avenue.

    The other major damage was located in the busy intersection of the New River Boulevard and Lázaro Cárdenas Boulevard, Sec. Espinoza said.

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