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    InicioFronteraOver 200 asylum seekers admitted daily into US

    Over 200 asylum seekers admitted daily into US

    More than 200 asylum seekers are admitted every single day into the United States, a Baja California official said

    Between 200 and 250 asylum seekers enter the US every day through Baja California, a state official said.

    State Secretary of Government Catalino Zavala said every single day immigrants arrive in Baja California seeking to enter the United States.

    Last year, the state received about 100,000 immigrants.

    Different from last year, when asylum seekers applied through nonprofit organizations and public entities, this year the Department of Homeland Security included these applicants in the CBP One application.

    In the meantime, the state recorded in December an up to 15 percent increase of unaccompanied immigrant minors who arrived in Baja California.

    State Family Development Agency Director Mónica Vargas told La Voz newspaper that in 2022 the agency provided services to at least 7,000 immigrants, of whom over half were minors.

    Four out of every five immigrant minors were turned into relatives in their countries of origin.

    Immigrant children and teenagers are turned to Tijuana and Mexicali agency shelters.

    Immigrant minors are from 31 different nationalities, especially from Honduras, Guatemala, Ukraine, Russia, and Venezuela, as well as Mexico.

    Most of those admitted in Baja California shelters were from Colombia and Venezuela, Vargas said.

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