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    School principal dismissed for sexual harassment

    A Junior High School principal was dismissed for sexual harassment last week after years of continuous incidents, the victim told reporters

    A Mexicali junior high school principal was accused by a teacher of sexual harassment.

    Ana María Salazar Magallanes, a teacher at Technical Junior High School 18 told reporters Principal Sergio Cuevas Urrea was removed from office last week.

    However, the teacher and her lawyers said the Department of Education took a month to remove the principal although a memorandum dated back Dec. 22 mandated the dismissal.

    Salazar Magallanes said it took the State Commission of Human Rights to intervene in the matter to force the removal.

    The teacher said harassment first began back in 2018. The complaint was filed in March 2022.

    Besides, Salazar Magallanes said the Local 2 of the National Education Workers Union allegedly protected the principal.

    The teacher assured that after seeking help from the union harassment continued and since then included case witnesses as well.

    According to Salazar Magallanes, Erick Francisco Navejas, the union’s conflict-solver, is allegedly an ally of the accused principal.

    The victim is defended by the Violet Attorneys association and well-known lawyer Cuauhtémoc Castilla. The latter was shot months ago while arriving at his office.

    Earlier last week, a union school representative allegedly called a meeting to request supporting letters for the principal.

    The union’s local has not made a statement about the issue, and neither has the Department of Education.

    Female transit line to be launched soon

    The first class of the “Women at the Wheel” program is expected to graduate soon, a state official said.

    Graduates will hold the wheel in an exclusive-for-women transit line named Violet Transportation that will start soon, National Employment Service in Baja California Director Blanca Patricia Ríos told La Voz newspaper.

    In June 2021, the Mexican Department of Government announced a gender alert for Baja California due to the high rates of homicides of women, the director recalled.

    Based on the alert, state authorities prepared a program focused on providing women with safe transportation services.

    The service is expected to begin in Tijuana and expand to Mexicali.

    Program students are trained free of cost for 180 hours at the Cecati 84 vocational school.

    The first class is expected to produce 20 graduates, Director Ríos told the newspaper.

    The program will provide graduates with well-paid jobs, Ríos said.

    “We know women feel more secure when surrounded by other women,” Director Ríos told the newspaper.

    The state official said the launching of the free transit line has no date but will come within months.

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