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    School sexual abuse bill introduced

    A state lawmaker introduced a sexual abuse bill that seeks to protect students from becoming victims

    A state lawmaker introduced a bill that seeks to implement a zero-tolerance policy with school sexual abuse cases.

    Assemblyman Ramon Vazquez, of the National Regeneration Movement Party, introduced a bill to amend Baja California’s School Security Law.

    The measure was introduced after a teacher was nabbed under allegations of inappropriately touching female students in Mexicali’s downtown Leona Vicario Elementary School.

    Assemblyman Vazquez said the goal is to prevent these incidents from happening again.

    The bill, if enacted, would allow school councils to launch measures to prevent sexual harassment, pederasty, and similar issues at schools.

    Also, the bill includes provisions that mandate principals to launch awareness and preventative programs to address illegal sexual conduct at schools.

    Assemblyman Vazquez said the school community members are entitled to report any sexual misconduct that impacts students. The accused teacher was allowed to flee after the principal and zone director failed to report sexual abuse cases.

    The lawmaker criticized those union teachers that protect each other under the umbrella of the so-called acquired labor rights.

    “As a society, we had witnessed one of the most overwhelming cases of pederasty,” the lawmaker said in reference to the Leona Vicario case. “It was a sad, documented case in a public school in Mexicali that led to the introduction of this bill.”

    Lawmakers request congressional approval of medical marijuana

    State lawmakers with the Commission of Health approved a resolution that seeks to request Mexican Congress enact legislation in order to permit nationwide the use and sale of medical marijuana.

    The measure must first go to the floor in order to make the formal congressional request.

    Assemblywoman Monserrat Rodriguez originally introduced the bill back in June.

    The bill was approved 4-0 with the abstention of Assemblywoman Alejandrina Corral of the National Action Party.

    The measure seeks to mandate the Mexican Department of Public Health to set a policy that regulates the sale, production, and research of the medicinal use of marijuana and all cannabis products.

    Mexico enacted in June 2017 legislation to allow the use and research of medical marijuana.

    The lawmaker said although much has been achieved since Mexico has no cannabis dispensaries.

    Assemblywoman Rodriguez proposed to modify Mexican law to allow the opening of such dispensaries.

    The lawmaker considered the proposed legislation would open doors to alternative medicine for patients with glaucoma, arthritis, HIV, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, asthma, serious pain, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, and other illnesses.

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