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    Columnist sued by state attorney

    Columnist Christian Torres was sued by a state attorney based in unfounded allegations of gender-based violence

    A Mexicali columnist was forced to delete one of his latest opinion piece after a state Attorney filed a complaint for unfounded allegations of gender-based violence.

    Veteran journalist Christian Torres said in a press conference the criminal complaint was filed by State Prosecutor for Electoral Crimes Marina Ceja Díaz.

    The column just refers to Ceja Díaz’s unsuccessful attempt to become an Electoral Magistrate Justice. The Mexican senate disapproved of the prosecutor’s candidacy.

    Torres referred to Ceja Díaz closeness with state Electoral Magistrate Justice Jaime Vargas Flores.

    “Justices are using a law that is supposed to benefit women,” Torres said. “The most serious issue is the use of the law to censor journalists.”

    The ruling forced the journalist to delete his column piece.

    Now, Torres plans to appear in court and keep working as he has had for the last eighteen years.

    Several journalist organizations announced their support for the columnist.

    Legislators react

    On Wednesday, state lawmakers with the Political Coordinating Board approved the issuance of a request to the Attorney General’s office in order to find out about the complaint filed by a state elections prosecutor.

    The request also includes the state’s elections prosecutorial agency.

    Lawmakers reacted a day after 18-year veteran journalist Christian Torres denounced the censorship of one of his recent columns.

    The columnist wrote about the Mexican senate’s denial of elections prosecutor Marina Ceja Díaz candidacy for Magistrate Justice.

    State Attorney Ceja Díaz accused Torres of gender-based violations of the Law to Protect Women against Domestic Violence.

    Besides being forced to delete the column, Torres faces a criminal complaint.

    Several journalist organizations offered legal and moral support to the journalist.

    During the legislative meeting, Torres said the law is being perversely used.

    The journalist said Ceja Díaz was never offended by the column piece. Both the nonprofit Iniciativa Ciudadana and the state’s counsel coincided with the argument that also said the complaint is unfounded.

    Torres accused Ceja Díaz and State Electoral Magistrate Justice Jaime Vargas of being behind the criminal complaint.

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