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    Governor-turned-senator defends from party censoring

    Governor-turned-senator Jaime Bonilla filed a complaint in state electoral to defend himself from party censoring after making harsh statements against his successor

    Former Baja California Governor Jaime Bonilla has been legally battling against the president’s political party decision to refrain him from criticizing state authorities.

    The National Regeneration Movement Party’s Commission of Honesty and Justice decided to forbid the senator-turned-governor-turned-senator-again from expressing harsh statements against his successor Marina Avila.

    Back in August, former Gov. Bonilla accused the first female in the governor’s office of betraying agreements with organized crime. The disagreement allegedly caused a series of terrorist acts in which several transit buses were burned.

    Party member Francisco Javier Tenorio filed a complaint against the lawmaker for attacking democracy and the party’s public image.

    The party decided to discipline Bonilla by forbidding him from baseless commenting against other members and especially elected officials.

    Sen. Bonilla unsuccessfully filed a complaint with the Mexican Electoral Court. The regional court in Guadalajara ruled against the former governor back in November.

    Last week, the state Electoral Court addressed a second case filed by the lawmaker. Two of the three local justices voted to admit the case.

    Bank officials appear in court

    A state judge held Thursday a hearing in which two executives of Banca Afirme, linked to a photovoltaic plant during the past administration, were summoned after appearing in court.

    The Government of Baja California said after Nabor «N» and David «N», responsible for returning 123 million pesos to the State for the photovoltaic plant project that was never carried out, they are considered fugitives from justice after failing to appear in court.

    A federal judge granted 48 hours to the managers to appear.

    If they do not do so, an arrest warrant will be issued again to force them to appear in court, the state said.

    At the hearing, the bank’s executives requested to prohibit the access to media representatives to the hearings although those hearings should be public.

    The request that was denied, granting them only the restriction of the entry of cameras to the hearing.

    On February 10 the next hearing will take place.

    The solar plant, considered the largest in Latin America, was promoted during Gov. Bonilla’s term.

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