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    Motorcycle driver runs over cop

    A motorcycle driver ran over a cop in the New River Boulevard while controlling Sentry lane users traffic in the West Port of Entry

    A motorcycle driver ran over a traffic police officer Saturday by New River Boulevard.

    La Voz newspaper said the incident took place in the northbound lanes of the boulevard at the intersection with Jalisco Street.

    A police video shows the biker running over the cop for unknown reasons. The biker, who was accompanied by a passenger, fled from the scene leaving the police agent about 10 yards from his patrol car.

    The police agent was holding traffic control tasks at the intersection.

    Sentri lane users have commonly complained about drivers who cut the line at the boulevard intersections.

    Mexicali Police Chief Pedro Ariel Mendívil told the newspaper the police officer was not in danger.

    However, the cop was transported to a private hospital with vomiting.

    The biker was able to flee and apparently crossed to the United States.

    Chief Mendívil said the suspect is a US citizen.

    The police filed a report in order to eventually arrest the suspect.

    Man sought for homicide caught in Jalisco

    A homicide suspect who Baja California authorities were searching for was arrested in the state of Jalisco, according to media reports.

    State Attorney General’s office said Víctor Manuel “N,” was sought for the 2021 death of a man in the Colonia Mártires de 1906 area.

    The suspect was arrested and transported to Mexicali.

    According to the authorities, the suspect and a woman shot the victim to death while exiting his residence located by Emiliano Zapata Avenue.

    After the crime, Victor Manuel fled.

    State police officers from Jalisco found and arrested the suspect.

    Trio caught after shooting

    Three individuals, including two women, were arrested by state police officers after a shooting.

    The state Department of Public Safety said police agents received a report regarding a shooting while cruising on a gray 2019 Chevrolet Camaro with Arizona Plates.

    The suspects were cruising by a rural road.

    State police officers found the vehicle and attempted to stop the driver.

    However, the driver tried to flee by Cetys Avenue.

    The police eventually stopped the driver.

    Police officers arrested Jorge Armando “N,” 32, of Uruapan, Michoacán, América Janeth “N,” 23, and Alejandra “N,” 24, both of Mexicali.

    The police found inside the vehicle no firearms.

    However, police agents reportedly found 15 small bags with 9.8 grams of cocaine.

    The suspects were arrested and turned to a prosecutorial agency.

    Man sought by US authorities nabbed

    A man who was sought in the US for smuggling of immigrants was arrested by state police officers.

    The state Department of Public Safety said the suspect was identified as José Angel “N,” and no age was reported.

    The individual was found in the Colonia Bellavista area — close to the downtown area.

    Police officers observed the suspect by Sur Street.

    The suspect coincided with the description provided by US authorities, the agency said.

    According to the authorities, the suspect had an outstanding arrest warrant for immigrant smuggling issued in May 2021 by the US Marshals Office.

    The suspect was turned to the Mexican National Immigration Institute for his deportation.

    Man indicted for attempted homicide of a woman

    A man who owns a taxi cab company was indicted by a state judge for the attempted murder of his wife, the state Attorney General’s office said.

    According to the agency, the judge indicted Rubén “N,” for the March 2018 incident.

    The authorities said the day of the incident the suspect and the victim were talking in their Fraccionamiento Villafontana subdivision home.

    Suddenly, the suspect allegedly assaulted the victim with a knife.

    The victim was able to stop the assault but with serious injuries in the face, neck, and arms.

    Then, the suspect presumably took the victim by the neck and caused additional injuries.

    The victim fled and asked for help.

    Authorities said the judge ruled to keep the suspect in prison during the trial and gave prosecutors three months to conduct the investigation.

    The suspect was arrested by police agents last week during a taxi driver demonstration held in the Civic Center.

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