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    Union office robbery suspect caught

    A man who was allegedly involved in a college union office robbery was caught by state police officers and indicted by a state judge

    State police officers arrested a man allegedly involved in a college union office.

    The state Attorney General’s office said state agents caught Daniel “N,” no age reported, who allegedly robbed along with another individual the Autonomous University of Baja California Union office located at Colonia Magisterial Independencia area.

    The robbery was reported on Feb. 14.

    The suspects allegedly arrived at the scene and brandished firearms.

    According to the authorities, the suspects took 80,000 pesos or a little over $4,000 USD.

    The suspects fled on a yellow Chevrolet Aveo that was driven by a third individual.

    A state judge indicted Daniel for the robbery and decided to keep the arrested suspect in prison during the trial.

    The judge gave prosecutors two months to close the investigation.

    Woman dies in traffic accident

    A woman died early Sunday during a traffic accident reported in southern Mexicali.

    The incident occurred at the intersection of De Las Aves Avenue and General Santiago Vidaurri Street in the Fraccionamiento Lagos del Sol area.

    The fatal victim, who was only identified as Vianey, was a passenger in a vehicle driven by Gerardo Alberto “N,” 37.

    According to a police report, the driver was driving eastbound by General Santiago Vidaurri Street.

    Before arriving at the intersection the driver lost control of the vehicle.

    The vehicle turned over after hitting the curb of the median division.

    Both the driver and the passenger were ejected from the vehicle.

    Red Cross paramedics declared the woman dead.

    The police did not report the driver’s health conditions.

    Man shot to death in southeast Mexicali

    Although city officials recently reported a decline in homicides compared to last year, these crimes keep being committed in the city.

    La Voz newspaper reported that a man was shot to death Monday morning in the Angeles de Puebla area.

    The incident was reported to the police at 6:07 a.m. at Panzacola Avenue and La Merced Street.

    According to the report, the victim was a man of about 25 years of age.

    The report says the victim and the suspect held an argument that led to the shooting.

    The victim was transported to a healthcare emergency center.

    However, the victim died while being transported.

    Man sentenced for attempted homicide, rape

    A man was sentenced by a state judge to 16 years in prison after issuing a guilty plea for attempted homicide, rape, robbery, and causing injuries.

    The state Attorney General’s office said the judge sentenced César Alonso Solís Castro, no age reported, for the Oct. 2021 case.

    According to the authorities, Solís Castro entered a company located in the Colonia Hidalgo area and brandished a knife toward a female employee.

    The individual demanded the victim enter the company’s restroom.

    Solís Castro attempted to commit sexual abuse and suffocate her.

    Suddenly, an employee arrived in and stopped the individual.

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