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    State agency closes four orphanages

    The State Family Development Agency closed down four orphanages under allegations of sexual assault and mistreatment cases, a Baja California official said

    The State’s Family Development Agency shut down four orphanages under allegations of sexual abuse and mistreatment.

    La Crónica newspaper reported that last year the agency closed six orphanages including Fratello and A Way Out.

    Agency President Mavis Garcia Olmeda told the newspaper staff with the Office to Protect Children and Teenagers, along with a nonprofit organization the authorities investigated orphanages to detect anomalies.

    The state official explained the agency was forced to implement some corrective measures including the provisional closure of orphanages.

    Garcia Olmeda went on to say staff approach minors in orphanages and after detecting any anomalies additional investigations are held.

    Thousands of minor immigrants returned to states, countries

    The state of Baja California has deported about 4,000 minor immigrants back to their countries or to their home states, a Baja California official said.

    Family Development Agency President Mavis Garcia Olmeda told La Crónica newspaper those minor immigrants were returned back to their families.

    The state official said the immigrants were deported from Florida, California, New York, and Illinois.

    Also, the agency director said most of those minors who have fled from temporary shelters have been found.

    At the same time, the agency works with consulates from other countries and the National Immigration Institute to follow through with minor processing.

    Garcia Olmeda told the newspaper some minors were dismissed from shelters for minors after turning adults. Those minors have the goal of crossing into the US, the state official said.

    As of last year, the state has recorded 37 minors who fled from shelters.

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